I want a helper command for refactoring code in Go language. I have not found ready for use function for this task in go-mode and lsp. It should declare variable from the word under the point and place it as a type definition for example in the previous row. In Go syntax it looks like: var name type where name is a variable name and type is a variable type.

I have got the code:

(defun my-go-declare-var ()
  "Insert var declaration."
  (let ((name (current-word)))
    (insert "var " name " <type>")))

It looks for current word and inserts it on previous line.

The problem is how to get the type of my variable? I tried to find appropriate lsp functions but not found any that returns the type in plain text. Also lsp-ui shows the hint with variable type in echo area:

lsp-ui shows variable type

But I can't understand how to catch it.

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