Slime defines two commands: slime-call-defun and slime-eval-last-expression-in-repl which take the function name of where point is (or whatever) and copy it over to the REPL prompt and position point accordingly.

Is there such a functionality for Sly and how do I use it?
If not, is there some openly available elisp code, which I could use to achieve this?
If there is no such functionality available, which workflow is intended?

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Since no one answered, I've done a naive implementation. This is a community wiki answer in hope, the implementation evolves over time.

(defun my-sly-copy-call-to-repl ()
  "Copy name/symbol of toplevel sexp to sly-mREPL and select sly-mREPL."
  (let (string
      (forward-thing 'symbol 2)
      (setq string (format "(%s )" (thing-at-point 'symbol 'no-props))))
    (setq replwin (get-buffer-window (call-interactively #'sly-mrepl)))
    (with-selected-window replwin
      (insert string)
      (forward-char -1))))

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