After a recent update to my Spacemacs install, I noticed that C-g i.e. keyboard-quit closes *compilation* buffers that result from an M-x recompile. How can I prevent this behavior? I don't want C-g to close *compilation* buffers.

  • Sounds like a Spacemacs bug, if you see the same thing without your init file (emacs -Q). If you think so, consider reporting it to the Spacemacs maintainers. – Drew Feb 25 at 22:37
  • @Drew It's in fact a Spacemacs "feature", not a bug. lol. C-g would rebind to pupo/close-window in spacemacs settings. How to disable this feature/bug still needs some diggings though. Ref – TerryTsao Feb 26 at 2:10
  • @TerryTsao: I see. Maybe that info would help as an answer or part of an answer? (And it still sounds like a bug, in the sense that C-g in Emacs is generally about canceling an action, but not quitting a window - sounds unusual, in any case. – Drew Feb 26 at 5:38
  • @Drew I'm still quite new to Elisp. After a quick scan, I couldn't figure out how to disable this behavior, since I'm not familiar with the relevant packages popwin, window-purpose etc. You are making a valid point: C-g shouldn't do anything but quit. However, I myself enjoy this feature/bug quite a lot. (Another reason I'm not familiar with how it works, since for me, it just works). Maybe edit the tags (popwin?) to attract the right person? – TerryTsao Feb 26 at 5:50
  • @Drew I might have found out how to disable this. Trying on my setting now. – TerryTsao Feb 26 at 6:06

The culprit turned out to be popwin. I fixed it with M-x customize-group RET popwin RET and removing compilation-mode from the "Popwin Special Display Config" list.

  • Much better than my hack. 😂 – TerryTsao Feb 27 at 2:46

Try this:

(defun revert-spacemacs-C-g-doing (func &rest r)
  "Revert rebind of `keyboard-quit' from calling
  (apply func r)
  (global-set-key [remap keyboard-quit] nil))

(advice-add 'pupo/after-display :around 'revert-spacemacs-C-g-doing)

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