I have a definitions.ly file that ends with the following:

%%% Local Variables:
%%% LilyPond-master-file: "score.ly"
%%% End:

However, the value of LilyPond-master-file is still nil when I visit the file.

If I do M-: RET (inibit-local-variables-p) RET I get nil.

If I save the exact same file with a different extension (eg. .foo), emacs asks me (upon loading) if I want to set the unsafe variable, as expected.

I've tried using a directory-local variable, but it doesn't work either.

I've tried setting another variable, like fill-column, using the snippet above, in the same file, without success.

Maybe there's something in lilypond-mode preventing the parsing of local variables?

I'm out of ideas and I don't know how to debug this...

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I can reproduce this and it's probably a bug, but lilypond-mode.el (at least my version of it) is very old and has not seen much updating. Not even sure where to report the bug.

As a workaround however, you can do it in the mode hook:

(defun ndk/lilypond-mode-prep ()
   ;; maybe other stuff

(add-to-hook 'LilyPond-mode-hook #'ndk/lilypond-mode-prep)

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