I'm trying to achieve both:

  • persistent centered cursor (cursor stays in center of a window except when near the line 0 and count-lines-page
  • augment the way evil-window-bottom and evil-window-top work so that calling those functions scrolls to the corresponding position, then subsequently "re-centers" the cursor. This would be similar to a full page down, divided by 2

How can I do this?

I'm on Emacs version 26.3, and evil-mode version evil-git-af6ca28, although I don't think these matter much.

I found a centered cursor implementation which works well enough for me (with the exception that it entirely breaks evil-window-bottom and evil-window-top):

(setq scroll-preserve-screen-position t
      scroll-conservatively 0
      maximum-scroll-margin 0.5
      scroll-margin 99999)

evil-window-bottom (keybind L) and evil-window-top (keybind H) no longer work because they depend on scroll-margin. I'd like to create new functions (and bind them to the same keys, L and H) such that (move-to-window-line -1) (for window bottom) or (move-to-window-line 0) (for window top) moves to the cursor position (centered in the window).

I've tried modifying scroll-margin, but I don't think this can be done interactively, and doubt this is the best approach anyway. Next I'm literally looking at just overriding / replacing the definitions for the evil-window-bottom and evil-window-top functions. How should I do that? I could almost just override the functions, hardcoding scroll-margin with 0, but this wouldn't handle the cursor position (I think). What is the recommended approach?


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