I believe I've seen a type of abbreviation with some(?) modeline packages that I'd like to implement in spaceline (I'd be willing to switch modelines for a good reason). I want to abbreviate the buffer-file-name to shorten directories to single characters (ideally, only if it is overflowing some other text). For example, instead of ~/.emacs.d/layers/display.org, I'd like to see ~/.e/l/display.org or ~/./l/display.org for the buffer-file-name. Significant flexibility (e.g., min buffer-file-name length before truncating, length of truncation, etc.) would be appreciated, but I'll settle for any improvement over (abbreviate-file-name (buffer-file-name).

My full spaceline config is as follows:

(use-package spaceline-config
  :ensure spaceline

  (spaceline-helm-mode 1)

  (setq spaceline-highlight-face-func 'spaceline-highlight-face-evil-state)

  (spaceline-define-segment buffer-id
    (if (buffer-file-name)
        (abbreviate-file-name (buffer-file-name))

     ((remote-host buffer-id) :face highlight-face)
     (process :when active)

   '((selection-info :face 'region :when mark-active)
     ((flycheck-error flycheck-warning flycheck-info) :when active)
     (python-pyvenv :fallback python-pyenv)
     (global :when active)
     (version-control :when active)

There's typically not a lot of text in my modeline, unless I'm several directories deep, and this becomes a problem when I split the window vertically (all the segments on the right-hand-side are gone).

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