I use org-mode to publish a blog which is based on org files in a particular directory. I've customized values in html-head, html-preamble, and html-postamble with some Bootstrap code to get the desired html code marked up and everything works well. Accordingly, I've set org-html-head-include-default-style and org-html-head-include-scripts to nil.

I also sometimes use org-mode to export files in other locations to html which I may sometimes share (e.g., with coworkers). However, because I've set org-html-head-include-default-style and org-html-head-include-scripts to nil, those exports are boring (lack HTML tags that are included by default). I'd like to toggle org-html-head-include-default-style and org-html-head-include-scripts depending on where I'm publishing from (e.g., nil when exporting from my blog directory, other t when exporting from anywhere else). How do I achieve this?

My org-mode config is something like the following:

(setq org-html-htmlize-output-type 'css)
(setq org-html-head-include-default-style nil)
(setq org-html-head-include-scripts nil)

(setq org-publish-project-alist
         :base-directory "~/blog/content/"
         :base-extension "org"
         :publishing-directory "/ssh:[email protected]#22:/blog/"
         :recursive t
         :html-head "<!-- 3rd party css and js -->
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"https://blog.com/site/3rdParty.css\"/>
<script src=\"https://blog.com/site/3rdParty.js\"></script>

<!-- Site css and js -->
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"https://blog.com/site/site.css\"/>
<script src=\"https://blog.com/site/site.js\"></script>"
         :html-preamble "... preamble code ..."
         :html-postamble "... postamble code ...")))

Do I need to create some function (to toggle org-html-head-include-default-style and org-html-head-include-scripts) and a hook for org-publish depending on my present working directory?

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You should be able to use directory-local variables for this: do C-h i g(emacs)Per-directory local variables RET to find out more information.

Briefly, create a file named .dir-locals.el in your blog directory where the Org mode files that you publish are kept. Put the following in the file:

((org-mode . ((org-html-head-include-default-style . nil)
              (org-html-head-include-scripts . nil))))

Every Org mode file in that directory will have those two variables locally set to nil. Other Org mode files in other directories will not be affected.

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