since recently I am using LSP for python, tex and julia on macos with spacemacs develop. To some extend this is great, but it is something awefully slow using a gui... and it seems that it is not only LSP.

So in these times it would be great to toggle off all additional python/julia 'add-ons' and just keep the basic keybindings and e.g. just the syntax highlighting for python/julia.

I was thinking about using an enhance fundamental-mode with font-locking for the mentioned modes.

Do you have a hint how to achieve this? Or is there maybe a better way to get a fast emacs in gui... in a terminal the navigation is quite fast even with all fancy settings turned on.

Maybe there is a special mode like tiny-python or something similar...

Thank you in advance! Fab

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You can switch off the gui parts by customizing variables lsp-ui-* as described here. For python-mode you can use non-lsp based backend, the anaconda-mode

(python :variables python-backend 'anaconda)

see here.

The same for julia: if lsp layer is installed, all languages get lsp backend by default, unless it is specified to be another backend or e.g. nil.

Further, you can see, which modes are activated using C-h m and switch them off as well. Mode activations e.g. autocompletion are happening in the mode hooks, i.e. you can remove some functions in python-mode-hook etc.

  • Excuse me for answering so late... thank you very much! And to turn the individual features off and on I could bind a defun to a keybinding where I adjust the settings, I assume... btw, I did install gccemacs which improved the situation
    – Fabian
    Commented Apr 24, 2021 at 8:14

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