I have a couple org files I use for meeting notes. The meeting note structure follows the same general pattern (slightly different for the different types of meetings). I can always manually copy a template from a template file, or copy from the previous meeting and delete/replace text as necessary. But, I'm being lazy about this and would rather insert a template by creating a shortcut. That said, I cannot figure out how to get emacs to insert the text. I know nothing of lisp, so I'm having difficulty starting. How would I insert the lines below at the current cursor position in my org file (this is not the actual template, just example lines; if I can get these lines to work then I can do the rest of the template)?

* Attendants
* Updates
* Notes

There are so many options. You can define a function to insert a string, or use the built-in skeleton library like this:

(define-skeleton meeting-skeleton
  "A meeting skeleton" nil
  "* Attendants
* Updates
* Notes")

then to insert your template, type M-x meeting-skeleton at the place you want to insert the string.

Another option is yas-snippets.

  • That's perfect, simple is fine and I'm sure I'll get a lot of mileage out of this example.
    – tnknepp
    Mar 3 at 18:21

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