I am using evil-mode and am very new to emacs and doom. How would I be able to map Ctrl-s to :w or save. Also, how would I be able to bind Ctrl-n to neotree-toggle? I have been searching and trying for hours with no luck.

  • What have you been trying? It helps formulate better answers if there's more details in your question.
    – TerryTsao
    Mar 4, 2021 at 1:59

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(map! "C-s" 'basic-save-buffer) - :w

(map! "C-n" 'neotree-toggle)

You need to find out what functions are mapped by evil-ex (e.g. :w). It is not documented anywhere other than source code.

Also be aware of complex keybinding precedence hierarchy every time you click a button in emacs.

I am very new to emacs and doom.

For anyone else reading this may god help you

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