I look for command to close all ERC related buffers, I couldn't find anything build-in. Does anyone implemented function like that or know how this function should look like?

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I would use:

  • M-x ibuffer (this is my C-xC-b binding)
  • Either of these to mark the buffers of interest:
    • *M erc-mode RET
    • %m erc RET
  • D to kill marked buffers
  • Do you know any way to make it single command?
    – Navidot
    Commented Mar 30, 2021 at 22:08

Yes, I hacked something together some time ago.

The behavior of +erc-quit is to kill all buffers and child processes of (erc-buffer-list) without prompting for confirmation - it does this setting kill-buffer-query-functions to nil. If that doesn't fit you, just remove the list from the let binding.

(defun +erc-quit ()
    "Kill ERC buffers and terminate any child processes."
    (let ((kill-buffer-query-functions nil)
          (erc-buffers (erc-buffer-list)))
      (if (not erc-buffers)
          (message "There are no ERC buffers to kill."))
        (dolist (buffer erc-buffers)
          (kill-buffer buffer))
        (message "Killed all ERC buffers."))))

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