I have a table in org-mode:

  | Task                        | Status      | Note |
  | Prepare environment         | Done        |      |
  | Write a hello world example | In Progress |      |
  | Package it                  | TODO        |      |

Is there any way to force Status Column to limit on [Done, In Progress, TODO] values?

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    Not with what Org mode provides out of the box: it's just text. Any such restrictions would have to be superimposed somehow: probably the easiest thing to do would be an org-lint-like function that checks and complains about violations, but which would be specific to your requirements (org-lint complains about generic violations). – NickD Mar 8 at 12:40
  • Oh! All right, thank you @NickD ;) – Milad Khajavi Mar 9 at 8:04

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