I've installed haskell platform in my linux system using ghcup.

I've setup language server configuration for haskell which is github like this.

Then I've created a cabal project

   mkdir cabal_project && cd cabal_project
   cabal  init 

When I opened the cabal_project in emacs, the lsp server for haskell is starting and it errors out.

Server lsp-haskell:44680/starting exited with status exit(check corresponding stderr buffer for details). Do you want to restart it? (y or n) 

Here are the logs for lsp -

  1. lsp-haskell::stderr
  2. lsp-log
  3. lsp-log: lsp-haskell:35968

I tried opening non cabal project with one first.hs file and it is working fine. I don't know what is the problem with cabal project. How can I fix this issue?

haskell-language-serverwrapper details -

$ haskell-language-server-wrapper --version                                       00:33:00
haskell-language-server version: (GHC: 8.10.4) (PATH: /home/rajkumar/.ghcup/bin/haskell-language-server-wrapper-1.0.0) (GIT hash: 4cd1cf934638881e52b3eba9f70157a4b799c0e9)

Linux OS details -

lsb_release -a                                                                    00:33:10
LSB Version:    1.4
Distributor ID: Garuda
Description:    Garuda Linux
Release:        Soaring
Codename:       n/a

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