When I call describe-key and enter (Alt Gr + .), it says M-b runs the command backward-word […] and async-shell-command (bound to M-&) is called.

I'm on Linux with Xorg, the terminal emulator is Alacritty, keyboard layout is German. I can enter just fine in nano.

showkey -a shows this when I enter :

$ LC_ALL=C showkey -a

Press any keys - Ctrl-D will terminate this program

…       226 0342 0xe2
        128 0200 0x80
        166 0246 0xa6
^D        4 0004 0x04

Edit: Additional information ↓

This is what view-lossage reports:

 M-b                    ;; backward-word
 C-M-@                  ;; mark-sexp
 M-&                    ;; async-shell-command

Interestingly, this happens only if I open the file with emacsclient without options. When I open the same file with emacsclient --tty, is correctly inserted.


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