Linux Mint 20.1

Emacs 26.3

Install package:

(require 'dired-quick-sort)


And I want to show first directories in dired mode. To do this I press S and select Group directories = yes (g).

And here result.

enter image description here

Nice. It's work correct. But the problem is... when I restart Emacs I need AGAIN to set this sort manually.

Is it possible to autoset this sort (by Group directories) when start Emacs?

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    Doesn't the doc of that package tell you how to do it?
    – Drew
    Mar 15 at 4:30
  • @Drew Put this in init.el and success save sort after reset Emacs: (savehist-mode 1) Mar 15 at 19:01
  • I don't understand. In any case, please put all relevant info in the question itself. Comments can be deleted at any time. Q & A need to stand on their own, including to be searchable by search engines etc.
    – Drew
    Mar 15 at 19:48

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