When I use C-a to compile a source tex file, its final step is to call Evince to display the pdf (through xdg-open, I believe). However, in my computer this makes Emacs freeze for many seconds and finish with the following message:

LaTeX: successfully formatted {16} pages
error in process sentinel: dbus-call-method: D-Bus error: "Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying"
error in process sentinel: D-Bus error: "Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying"
Unable to load color "unspecified-fg"

I'd rather disable the call to Evince completely than bothering trying to fix this. And I don't want to abandon C-a in favor or C-c because then I'd have to type Return to compile.

How can I rebind TeX-command-Show to something that won't freeze Emacs?

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In AucTeX, the PDF viewer is specified via the variable TeX-view-program-selection. Find the entry for output-pdf and select a viewer you don't have. You'll get a small warning message in the mini-buffer, but otherwise you won't be interrupted. Alternatively, you could set the value to something you do have that isn't Evince, and you might solve your other problem.

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