I am working on a Rmarkdown document and I have R 4.0.4 running in a buffer. I try to export the document with M-n e and it finds R 3.6.3


R version 3.6.3

This meant that I had a lot of trouble with packages not being found before I saw the underlying problem. I have a distribution R 3.6.3 in /usr/bin and a more recent R in /use/local/bin. poly-R may be using absolute path names but I can't see how to configure it.

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Polymode uses ESS to interact with R. Your locally-installed version of R in /usr/local/bin is probably not on the exec path. You can configure this via the variable ess-rterm-version-paths. You may also need to check the values in ess-r-runner-prefixes to make sure it includes R-4.

These configurations have changed in the past few years, so it will be helpful to know which version of Emacs, ESS and polymode you are using, and also your OS.

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