I have this org-mode table, which apparently is a table.el table:

| Test|Foobar|
|     |      |

When I hit Tab in any cell, emacs tells me: Use ‘C-c '’ to edit table.el tables . Hitting C-c ' opens a buffer in Table-mode, in which I can edit that table. However, calling org-move-table-row-down in that buffer, with the cursor on the cell containing 'Test', only results in the message user-error: Cannot move row further. C-h b does not list any key binding to any function that sounds like it moves a row down.

When I leave Table-mode (by hitting C-c ' again) and then in plain org-mode call org-move-table-row-down again, I get the same error.

Is there a way of moving rows of table.el tables? Alternatively: Can I somehow convert that table to a plain org-mode table, on which I can use the usual org-mode table editing functions?

  • M-x org-table-convert convert to a usual org-mode table when the point is in the table. – gigiair Mar 24 at 13:31
  • Unfortunately, org-table-convert is very simple-minded: in particular, it mangles the table above. – NickD Mar 25 at 3:12
  • It's just text so you can use e.g. cut-and-paste to cut a row and paste it somewhere else. – NickD Mar 25 at 3:13

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