I have recently defined a keyboard macro using C-x ( and C-x). I then gave the keyboard macro a name using M-x name-last-kbd-macro RET defined-kbd-macro. And saved it to a file using M-x insert-kbd-macro. When I used C-h f RET defined-kbd-macro, under documentation it simply stated that it was a keyboard macro. Is there a way to include a doc string in fset command?

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As the Elisp manual describes, you can also put the documentation string into the function-documentation property of the symbol of the macro.


(fset 'defined-kbd-macro
   (kmacro-lambda-form [?I ?  ?a ?m ?  ?a ?  ?m ?a ?c ?r ?o ?.] 0 "%d"))

(put 'defined-kbd-macro 'function-documentation "My own documentation.")

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