I am opening a file as follows:

$ emacsclient -qt -e '(progn (find-file "'filename.py'"))'
#<buffer filename.py>

which outputs #<buffer filename.py> in the terminal. Is it possible to suppress that output?

I have tried following which didn't help.

$ emacsclient -qt -e '(progn (find-file "'Driver.py'"))' 2> /dev/null

Is it possible to suppress that output?

In general you can specify the --suppress-output/-u option:

$ emacsclient -e '(1+ 2)'
$ emacsclient -ue '(1+ 2)'

In your particular find-file examples you don't need the --eval/-e option:

$ emacsclient -t filename.py Driver.py

See (info "(emacs) emacsclient Options") for more.

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