Just wondering, because ...

  1. The function of font-lock-mode is to programmatically un/assign a given typeface or typeface font to text. But it's just an assignment, which can be easily overridden; FLM doesn't lock in any sense of that verb that's reasonable to me. (Am I missing something?)
  2. When I'm org-modeing, I regularly toggle M-x font-lock-mode to either (a) hide the Org magic (e.g., inspect the underlying Org markup/syntax, search for URLs inside hyperlinks), or (b) "magic on" (i.e., reprettify the display). But I don't work with Org every day, and if it's been awhile I find myself needing to research "what's the name of that <pig-latin> mucking fode </pig-latin> I need to call?"

So I'm hoping my life will be easier if I know font lock's etymology ... plus I'm curious.

  • I kinda doubt anyone has a definitive answer for this. But because its highlighting is applied automatically (by the mode) and defined by rules, it stays in effect, unlike some other kinds of highlighting. It's locked/attached to given syntactic elements. That would be my guess, but hopefully someone will have a real answer.
    – Drew
    Mar 28 at 6:43
  • 1
    I also don't know, but I think of it as analogous to "caps lock" -- while the mode is enabled, special font behaviours are in effect. I have a feeling that I once saw a Q&A with jwz where this question was answered, but I can't find it, and don't recall whether it actually aligns with my suggestion.
    – phils
    Mar 28 at 7:49

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