I'm using GNU Emacs with Doom. When using, I noticed an area placed before the line numbers. I don't know the name of the area. It is called "fringe". It is used by vi-tilde-fringe-mode, magit and dap-mode. However, the content inside it isn't rendered properly in GUI, and the area is not shown in the terminal.

The image: (see the characters appearing before Head and Recent, looks like > and v)

The image

Is it normal is a problem? If it is a problem, how can I fix it?

I'm using:

  • Emacs: 27.1
  • Doom: 2.0.9
  • If you place cursor on > or v and then press tab key or click with mouse, do the characters toggle between each other? – Melioratus Mar 28 at 15:06
  • @Melioratus Yes. – Akib Azmain Mar 28 at 19:02

Welcome to EmacsSE. This area is called the fringe and looks a little odd if it is not wide enough. The default is 8 pixels and can be achieved simply by putting


in your init file. Check the docs for fringe-mode to learn more or search the manual for Window Fringes.

  • I tried that, but due to a fringe-mode command is hard-coded into Doom's :ui vc-gutter, I have to create a clone of that module for my purposes. – Akib Azmain Mar 28 at 18:18

I have figured out a way to fix the problem. @FranBurstall's answer is correct, but it breaks when :ui vc-gutter module is enabled. A workaround is to set +vc-gutter-default-style to nil, which disables the optional UI enhancements. So I had to add this to my config.el:

(setq +vc-gutter-default-style nil)
(fringe-mode nil)

However, I missed the icons shown by the module on the fringe. So I added this to my config.el as well: (optional)

(after! git-gutter-fringe
  (setq-default fringes-outside-margins t)
  (define-fringe-bitmap 'git-gutter-fr:added [224] nil nil '(center repeated))
  (define-fringe-bitmap 'git-gutter-fr:modified [224] nil nil '(center repeated))
  (define-fringe-bitmap 'git-gutter-fr:deleted [128 192 224 240] nil nil 'bottom))

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