When I export all the images get the "figure" and the number of the image with the caption. When I export I want it to say "figura" instead of the English word.


Theoretically, all you have to do is add a header:


Don't forget to either close and reopen the file, or do C-c C-c on the header so that the setup will be refreshed.

That seems to work e.g. for text and HTML export, but LaTeX export does not work for me: it seems to require additional setup that I have not figured out yet.

EDIT: just to close the loop, for LaTeX, Org mode requires some help. First, the relevant LaTeX babel language package needs to be installed. This varies with the distro - on my Fedora 33 system, I had to do:

sudo dnf install texlive-babel-spanish

Then the header had to be augmented:

#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage[AUTO]{babel}


Not sure why the latex exporter does not do that automatically.


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