According to my reading of the documentation, something like this should work in my org file:

#+NAME: eq:one

You can see, by considering equation [[eq:one]] that a sum of squares...

But it doesn't. I'm getting an error saying: Unable to resolve link: "eq:one". In fact, I'm trying to use several links in this file, but none of them are working, so clearly I'm missing something here.

I believe MathJax allows the usual LaTeX \label and \eqref constructs, but so far I haven't had much luck with them either.

I'm moving from PDF to HTML-based material (all the better for accessibility), and the org file was created by applying pandoc to my original LaTeX file. This has worked before, and I'm quite happy to spend time touching up the org file to ensure a smooth conversion to HTML. But I've never had to wrestle with internal cross-references before.

Thank you!

  • I would start by looking into John Kitchin's org-ref - (I am no expert at it, so I hope he might chime in with his opinion).
    – NickD
    Mar 31 at 14:35
  • I managed in the end by turning equation numbering on as a Mathjax configuration option, which makes "\label", "\ref", "\eqref" to work in org -> html as they would in LaTeX. It turns out that I can manage Mathjax options by using the "#+HTML_HEAD:" function in orgmode. Apr 1 at 3:11

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