In vim :let @"=@* will copy the content of* register to the " register. How can it be done with evil?


This code should do that.

(set-register ?" (get-register ?*))

If you want that in a command:

(defun foo ()
  (set-register ?" (get-register ?*)))

Or if you want a command that reads the register names:

(defun copy-register-to-register (from to)
   (list (register-read-with-preview "From register: ")
         (register-read-with-preview "To register: ")))
  (set-register to (get-register from)))

(Emacs registers are not particular to Evil, so Evil is, I think irrelevant to your question. Evil may be how you interact with registers, but setting them with Elisp should independent of Evil.)

(evil-set-register ?\" (evil-get-register ?*))
  • Could you say something about how these versions are in relation to than the standard emacs functions? Should they be preferred? – Andrew Swann Apr 5 at 9:39

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