I have bookmark+ Version: 2020.12.29

When I try to jump to a dired bookmark (bmkp-dired-jump), I get the error:

In ‘bmkp-dired-jump History’ source: ‘#[0 \304\302\300\305\303$\211\205\0\306\307\310\301""\207 
[nil nil bmkp-dired-history t helm-comp-read-get-candidates nil delete  helm-cr-default] 6]’ 
 (wrong-type-argument listp bmkp-dired-history)

When I change the expression:

(list (bmkp-read-bookmark-for-type "Dired" alist nil nil 'bmkp-dired-history)


(list (bmkp-read-bookmark-for-type "Dired" alist nil nil nil)

in the function bmkp-dired-jump, it works as expected. I don't understand the use of the symbol 'bmkp-dired-history since it doesn't seem to be bound anywhere?

Is this a problem of my setup or a problem with bookmark+ and how can I solve it?

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I don't see what you report. For me, it just works.

(But you might want to try the latest version of Bookmark+, which is 2021.03.04, not 2020.12.29. Download the latest version from Emacs Wiki Elisp Area.)

Do you see the same thing if you start Emacs using emacs -Q (no init file), and loading only Bookmark+? If not, bisect your init file to find the culprit.

(If you need to try to debug something, or want to see a better backtrace for debug-on-error, then load the source files, *.el, not byte-compiled files, *.elc.)

Symbol bmkp-dired-history is passed as the optional arg HIST, which is for an Emacs history variable. It is passed to bookmark-completing-read, which in turn ultimately passes it to standard Emacs function completing-read.

The symbol passed for a history argument need not be bound; that is, it need not yet exist as a variable that has a value. As you enter inputs to calls that specify a given history variable (such as bmkp-dired-history) they are added to the list value of that variable. The first time you do so, since the variable is not yet bound Emacs creates it, and binds it to a singleton list with just the value you entered.

This is all standard Emacs behavior.

If you encounter this problem (or some other) when starting Emacs with emacs -Q then please report it using M-x bmkp-send-bug-report.

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