I am unable to set gofmt arguments to consume the following arguments

-tabs=false -tabwidth=2 -w=true

When I set the variable gofmt-args, I get the following error Invalid read syntax: "Trailing garbage following expression".

If I give just one argument such as -tabwidth=2, I get the error Value ‘-tabwidth=2’ does not match type repeat of gofmt-args

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Can you share the code snippet where you tried to set gofmt-args? – psanford Apr 2 at 1:32
  • I just used M-x set-variable – hmehra Apr 2 at 4:59

Based on the error, it looks like you tried passing an unquoted string to set gofmt-args. gofmt-args's type is a list of strings, so that is what you need to give it. You can set it like this:

(setq gofmt-args '("-tabs=false" "-tabwidth=2" "-w=true"))

If you are setting it interactively, its probably easiest to use M-x customize-variable RET gofmt-args RET. That will give you an interactive UI for adding and removing elements from the list and you don't need to worry about quoting.

  • Thanks @psanford. That indeed works. customize-variable is much much better than set-variable. – hmehra Apr 2 at 18:28

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