Org mode's org-open-at-point (C-c C-o) works great for internal links, e.g.

Stuff to buy:
- <<food>> food:
  - tomato
  - potato
  - banana
- <<drinks>> drinks:
  - juice
  - tea
  - coffee

Maybe look for some more variation for [[food]]?

However, when I use org-open-at-point in [[food]], Evil mode's evil-jump-backward (C-o) does not bring me back to my original position. Org mode itself tells me in the echo area to use C-c & (org-mark-ring-goto) instead, but I would like to use evil-jump-backward to remember only a single keybinding.

Is it possible to use Evil's C-o also movements via org-open-at-point?

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Besides @Zeta‘s answer. a less intrusive way could be:

(evil-set-command-property 'org-open-at-point :jump t)

for how it works, just inspect evil--jump-hook which is in pre-command-hook.


Sure. evil-jump-backward knows where to jump to via evil-set-jump. All we need to do is to call evil-set-jump before we jump in org-open-at-point. We need to advice the function for that:

(advice-add 'org-open-at-point :before 'evil-set-jump)

This makes sure that before org-open-at-point gets called, evil-set-jump gets called first, therefore saving the location. C-o will then work as intended.

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