Linux Mint 20.1

Emacs 26.1

Install dired+ package. Also install DiredSort from here


I try to sort by size.


enter image description here

But I get error on empty screen: enter image description here


insert-directory: Listing directory failed but ‘access-file’ worked

I think that your problem has nothing to do with Dired+. I think you'll have the same problem if you don't load Dired+.

I can't speak for library dired-sort.el, which defines the command you're using. It may have a bug. Maybe contact the maintainer.

Emacs-Wiki page DiredSorting lists other libraries that offer sorting possibilities.

I use Dired Sort Menu (libraries dired-sort-menu+.el and dired-sort-menu.el), and they work fine for sorting by file size.

You can also just customize your dired-listing-switches string to include the character S (uppercase). Or just use C-u when you invoke Dired, and add S to the listing switches when prompted for them.

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