On Arch Linux, running Emacs within Alacritty, comments in .el files are invisible since switching to the Solarized-Light theme. Tinkering with some of the color settings in my alacritty.yml hasn't yielded any success--I was operating off the assumption that it was the matter of two color settings that were identical when they shouldn't be, but tampering with the relevant colors didn't appear to do anything. In addition to the comments being invisible, my cursor disappears entirely when I move it over commented text.

I'm not sure if this matters, but I'm running Wayland rather than X11.

Here's the color section of my alacritty.yml:

# Colors (Solarized Light)
  # Default colors
    background: '0xfdf6e3'
    foreground: '0x586e75'

  # Normal colors
    black:   '#073642'
    red:     '#dc322f'
    green:   '#859900'
    yellow:  '#b58900'
    blue:    '#268bd2'
    magenta: '#d33682'
    cyan:    '#2aa198'
    white:   '#eee8d5'

  # Bright colors
    black:   '#002b36'
    red:     '#cb4b16'
    green:   '#586e75'
    yellow:  '#657b83'
    blue:    '#839496'
    magenta: '#6c71c4'
    cyan:    '#93a1a1'
    white:   '#fdf6e3'

Please let me know if any other information is required.

  • More information that may be necessary is what the TERM environment variable is set to before you run Emacs, and what color the face that Emacs is using for these comments is set to. You can find the first by running echo $TERM before running Emacs, or (getenv "TERM") in the Emacs scratch buffer. The latter you can find by placing the point inside a comment and typing C-u C-x = to show all the properties. Look for a text property called “face”. Move the point to the name of the face and hit enter to follow the link to documentation about the face and let us know what colors it uses. – db48x Apr 8 at 5:08

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