I am aware that org-agenda-sorting-strategy allows one to define view(s) with desired sort preferences. However, I'm wondering if there is a more "on-the-fly" method for sorting in org-agenda.

For example, I open my agenda in day view. Suppose I want to sort the list of TODOs by priority. Then, I want to sort by tags. The analogy in a non-Emacs environment is to click on the column heading of a table-view. For example, in macOS Finder (or Windows Explorer), one can click on Name or Date or Kind to sort the list of files in various ways.

I am imagining a sort toggle key, much like the one we have for filter using /.

org-sort-entries and org-sort-list work on subtrees and lists. Is there something equivalent within org-agenda?

  • AFAIK, it's not possible. You need to set it up in a view beforehand. It might be a nice addition to Column View though. You can suggest an RFE on the Org mode mailing list - or implement it and submit a patch. – NickD Apr 13 at 17:16

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