I've setup EMMS to use with MPD according to the manual with :

(use-package emms
    (require 'emms-setup)
    (require 'emms-player-mpd)
    (emms-all) ; don't change this to values you see on stackoverflow questions if you expect emms to work
    (setq emms-player-list '(emms-player-mpd))
    (add-to-list 'emms-info-functions 'emms-info-mpd)
    (add-to-list 'emms-player-list 'emms-player-mpd)

    ;; Socket is not supported
    (setq emms-player-mpd-server-name "localhost")
    (setq emms-player-mpd-server-port "6600")
    (setq emms-player-mpd-music-directory "/data/music")

I can see the current playlist in MPD, play and pause. But I cannot add new files to it . More precisely :

  • emms-cache-set-from-mpd-directory displays Dumping MusicPD data to cache...processing but never finishes (even for a small folder).
  • emms-smart-browse is never updated
  • I can modify the playlist outside emacs with ncmpcpp.
  • the previous thread was not helpful : mingus seems not maintained and broken

I'm using Doom emacs. Thanks !

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You have to run M-x emms-cache-set-from-mpd-all instead of M-x emms-cache-set-from-mpd-directory

You should add (emms-player-mpd-connect) to your Emms configuration if you want Emms to connect to mpd on startup.

Late answer, but might be useful to someone.

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