I have a clock table that matches on tags, and that works fine:

#+BEGIN: clocktable :match "meeting" :scope ("~/org/journal/Journal 2021-04.org")

But I would like to be able to tie my clock tables into org roam by matching on links, so I can avoid having both roam links and tags in the same place; something like:

:match [[some link]]

I was reading about matching tags and properties, and this section is similar to what I want:

Instead of a tag, you may also specify a regular expression enclosed in curly braces. For example, ‘work+{^boss.*}’ matches headlines that contain the tag ‘:work:’ and any tag starting with ‘boss’.

But it explicitly only (?) allows for regular expressions that match on tags. I think I found where the match tags are parsed in org-clock.el, but I'm an elisp novice and it feels dangerous to modify an internal function like org-clock-get-table-data.

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm looking for (matching on links) without modifying org-clock-get-table-data?

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