For starters I use Doom Emacs.

Here's the scenario:

I have a python/perl/js buffer and flycheck-mode activated. Flycheck does its job and tells me that there are some errors that need attention. I go and do `M-x flycheck-list-errors (or SPC c x). I have 2 spaces now: One with my code (which I believe is a window) and another something (buffer/window/minibuffer?) with the list of errors.

Question is: How do I switch to that something without using the mouse?

I've tried next-buffer, previous-buffer, C-x o, and I simply don't know how to focus on it.

Appreciate your help as It's driving me crazy! It shouldn't be that hard, right?

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You can either use M-x other-window to switch to the other window or create a custom function to use instead of the default function flycheck-list-error. The following function opens the flycheck-list-errors buffer and switches to it.

(defun switch-flycheck-list-errors ()
(pop-to-buffer "*Flycheck errors*"))

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