The idea is to add a LINK after

%%(org-anniversary 2006 3 21) World Down Syndrome Day (%d years) <LINK>

So when I see it in my agenda for that day, I can click and jump to a ORG heading in a ORG buffer where I can learn more about the event. I tried using C-c l (org-store-link), but it fails. Any help, thanks!

  • If you add it manually [[https://www.google.com][Google]], does it work? Where are you trying to do C-c l? How does it fail? Is there an error message? How do you know it fails? DId you try to insert the link you stored with C-c C-l? If you want help, then you have to provide all the relevant information, so people can help you!
    – NickD
    May 5 '21 at 12:18
  • Thanks, I solved this problem. With http links it does work. I wanted to create a link to a heading in an org file, but wasn't using ID. When I use ID, it works. Otherwise, it doesn't. May 6 '21 at 6:10

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