When a font style is applied to the newline character, certain styles - such as background colors - normally are extended to the end of the visual line. Suddenly this has changed for me, and the fonts make it look like the newline character is a trailing space.

enter image description here

What can cause this?

I am running Emacs 27.2 on Open Suse 15.1 64 bit. I recently performed a major update of packages, after the updater had been stuck for a while, so I suspect something in there might be causing the change.

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    This may be the :extend attribute on faces, new in Emacs 27 — see the NEWS file. I wonder if some package changed it to be false in an update.
    – amitp
    May 5 at 17:26
  • @amitp This was the cause. In some cases, it was caused by me inheriting from mode-line, mode-line-inactive for highlighting separator lines / code section headline comments with custom rules. In the case of python-cell-mode it is because it inherits from highlight, which does not have the extend attribute. Turn your comment into an answer, then I can accept it :) The choice of making it "off by default, because everyone else does it" might not fit well with the Emacs ecosystem, but I guess it is a future investment?
    – kdb
    May 6 at 7:05

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