After upgrading to org-mode 9.4.4 when I create a simple org file with a list (though it could be a heading) like below:

- test

And hit return, then it automatically indents. This doesn't make any sense because there is no hierarchy. How can I disable this?


Set the variable org-adapt-indentation to nil by running the command M-x set-variable.


Why it does make sense:

plain list entry doesn't limit to single line. Below is legit list.

- In publishing and graphic design, Lorem ipsum is a
  placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the
  visual form of a document or a typeface without
  relying on meaningful content.

How can I disable this?

Usually C-j and RET(or C-m) behave differently, one does indentation and the other doesn't. You may check it up and consider exchanging its bindings. (In my emacs RET bind to org-return and it doesn't indent by default)

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