I am quite new to Emacs. Hence, I have been using the minimal set-up version. However, slime seems to work only on the full version.

If I do on my Ubuntu 20.04 terminal the following:


And then, inside emacs:

M-x slime

I have slime working perfectly. However, if I use the minimal setup version with:

emacs -nw -Q

After typing M-x slime I get the following error version:

M-x slime (no match)

Is there something I could to run the Smile REPL inside emacs minimal set-up?

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Slime isn't part of the base Emacs install. You need to add it to your config. Usually this is done via package-install-packages, but you may have downloaded the code yourself.

Regardless of how you installed slime, using it requires you load the appropriate configuration code. When you start emacs with emacs -Q, you are explicitly telling Emacs to ignore all your configuration, including the code that tells it to use slime.

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