I just installed Spacemacs on a new Mac and am getting some weird behavior—the scroll bar appears when I scroll (making the window wider), then disappears when I stop scrolling. This doesn't happen on my other MacBook so I'm not sure exactly what's going on.

a scroll bar popping into and out of existence

Basic things I've tried to see where the issue might be:

  • This happens on the emacs included in brew-cask and on emacs-plus, so it's not build-specific

  • This doesn't happen if I move ~/.emacs.d so I'm just on a vanilla emacs install. With scroll bars enabled, they stay, with them disabled, they stay gone. So something in the Spacemacs config is triggering this.

Wondering if anybody has a clue what the issue is here.

  • check the the scroll command you used, see if any advice attached? or anything in window-scroll-functions?
    – nichijou
    May 13 at 3:18

I searched for scroll in the Spacemacs source and found that this is a recently added feature:

(spacemacs|defc dotspacemacs-scroll-bar-while-scrolling t
  "Show the scroll bar while scrolling. The auto hide time can be configured by
setting this variable to a number."
  '(choice boolean number)

You can disable it in your dotspacemacs/init:

dotspacemacs-scroll-bar-while-scrolling nil

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