I have the following code that I found here (note that the buffer version works fine):

(use-package helm)
(use-package ace-window)

(defun helm-find-ace-window (file)
  "Use ‘ace-window' to select a window to display FILE."
  (find-file file))

(add-to-list 'helm-find-files-actions
             '("Find File in Ace window" . helm-find-ace-window)

(defun helm-file-run-ace-window ()
    (helm-exit-and-execute-action 'helm-file-ace-window)))

(define-key helm-find-files-map (kbd "M-o") #'helm-file-run-ace-window)

If I run helm-find-files and then hit TAB on a file (to open the action menu), I am able to scroll down to an entry called Find File in Ace window and hit enter. This works perfect.

Strangely though if instead of hitting TAB I use my M-o key binding, emacs spits back to me: [No such action 'helm-file-ace-window' for this source].

I find it contradictory that I can select the action from the action menu, yet when I use a key binding emacs says the action does not exist.

I am using Emacs 27.2 and Helm 3.6.2

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Change helm-file-ace-window to helm-find-ace-window.

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