I have done this a ton of times in the past 10 months or so that I have been using Emacs (which I have quickly come to love, by the way) and never had a problem. No clue what I changed or how, but now this does not work at all. As far as I know, I didn't change anything. Haven't edited my init.el or similar, haven't changed any configurations on my host machine. No clue what's going on here.

I have the below in my init.el to open dired and then opening files from there to edit when I need to edit with privileges.

(require 'tramp) (defun sudired () (interactive) (dired "/sudo::/"))

That has served me well for months. Now, I open dired and open a file (say /boot/config.txt), do my edits, C-x C-s, and I get the message "Copying directly failed, see buffer 'tramp/sudo root@HOST' for details." There buffer it mentions is empty. My messages buffer has this:

Saving file /sudo:root@HOST:/boot/config.txt... Renaming /sudo:root@HOST:/boot/config.txt to /sudo:root@HOST:/boot/config.txt~...done Copying /tmp/tramp.eqRQkH.txt to /sudo:root@HOST:/boot/config.txt... Copying directly failed, see buffer ‘tramp/sudo root@HOST’ for details.

I've searched around and found similar problems involving Tramp... Nothing that helps my issue though. At least not that I can work out.

Same thing happens when I try to use C-x C-f and type out /sudo:root@HOST:/boot/config.txt, do my edits, and then C-x C-s. I get those same error messages, etc.

Probably making a noob mistake here. Someone school me please.

  • It's not you. tramp-mode has a bad bug. It has a couple of really bad bugs.
    – yujaiyu
    Nov 12, 2021 at 1:30
  • Michael was able to sort this out for me via email. As I remember, the issue had to do with an out of place/bad argument to a cp command somewhere inside tramp. It is/was a bug that had been fixed, so an update to tramp (and ultimately my version of emacs) solved my woes. Nov 14, 2021 at 17:27

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Hard to say what's up. Please contact the Tramp tower via email to [email protected]. Prepare traces with level 6 and send them with, the Tramp manual teaches you how to do this.

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