I am new to Emacs and Slime. I have been using both of them daily for the last 10 days. And it is amazing! I am impressed.

Today, I decided to install and try the package Paredit. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but after a while, Slime stopped working as it used to.

I was using C-c C-c all the time to compile specific Common Lisp functions. Now, it does not work.

Even with slime running after pressing M-x slime I get from the mini-buffer:

C-c C-c is undefined

If I try a stronger compilation with C-c C-k the keyboard also does not work.

However, the compilation works if I manually compile the region or the whole file after typing on the mini-buffer:

M-x slime-compile-region

M-x slime-compile-and-load

Before writing this, even the manual typed compilation was not working. Suddenly, it started to work again. But the keyboard shortcut is not back.

I do not really understand this behavior from emacs/slime.

This is my current config file.

Why is this happening? Did I break something after installing Paredit?

What should I inspect to understand why the famous commands (C-c C-c and C-c C-k) suddenly stopped working?

Thanks for your attention.

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    If the Sly/Slime conflict from your other question resolves this be sure to come back and self answer.
    – nega
    Commented May 26, 2021 at 22:00
  • @nega, sure. I would be really glad to do it! Commented May 26, 2021 at 22:02

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I did not mention it in my post, but after installing Paredit I also installed Sly, a fork from the Slime project. This was the root of the problem.

I learned how to uninstall packages with this post.

In addition, @nega connected the dots between this problem and this other post.

After removing Sly, Slime is perfectly functioning! And the keybindings such as C-c C-c are working as usual.

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