Linux Mint 20.1 , Emacs 27.2, I installed Ivy, Swiper and Counsel.

So in sources file of counsel.el I find this:

 '(("j" find-file-other-window "other window")
   ("f" find-file-other-frame "other frame")
   ("b" counsel-find-file-cd-bookmark-action "cd bookmark")
   ("x" counsel-find-file-extern "open externally")
   ("r" counsel-find-file-as-root "open as root")
   ("R" find-file-read-only "read only")
   ("l" find-file-literally "open literally")
   ("k" counsel-find-file-delete "delete")
   ("c" counsel-find-file-copy "copy file")
   ("m" counsel-find-file-move "move or rename")
   ("d" counsel-find-file-mkdir-action "mkdir")))

OK. Nice. Now I want to use e.g. j when opening a file.

So in temp folder (in Dired mode) I use command:

M-x counsel-find-file

enter image description here

Then select file file2.txt enter image description here

Screen is in fullscreen mode. And then press M-o. As a result the relevant actions are shown.

enter image description here

But why is "j" find-file-other-window "other window" not shown?

  • Have you tried to press "j"? Because here, even though it is not shown, it still is available. Maybe it was not before I evaluated that ivy-set-actions form in counsel.el manually. But at least after I did that, "j" seems to be always available also in subsequent sessions. (So if it is really not available before loading the "ivy-set-actions" form manually, then I guess there is some weird bug in Ivy) May 31 '21 at 19:24
  • @dalanicolai Yes, "j" is work. When I press "j" then file open in other frame. But why this command is not visible? May 31 '21 at 19:47
  • It seems to me, that you encountered this bug that has not yet been resolved. When I am using a small Emacs frame, then I also don't see all actions listed, but when I switch to full screen then I see all actions (but as you already use full screen, you should probably try to resolve or find a workaround for that bug, or hope it gets resolved soon). Jun 1 '21 at 5:44
  • @dalanicolai Please report any unresolved issues in the issue you link, a new issue, or in the issue that OP submitted under github.com/abo-abo/swiper/issues/2881. TIA.
    – Basil
    Jun 2 '21 at 17:25

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