Suppose I open an orgmode file and fold and unfold a bunch of headers, is it possible to let the folds and unfolds be the same next time I open emacs. I feel the startup function wont be enough.

#+STARTUP: fold
#+STARTUP: nofold
#+STARTUP: content
#+STARTUP: showeverything

There is no built-in way to remember the folding state from one session to the next, but each headline can have a VISIBILITY property (possible values: folded, children, content and all) that can be set like this:

* Headline
  :VISIBILITY: folded


to set the visibility of each headline independently of any other headline and the global setting. But you'd have to manually set it (or implement a mechanism to automate the setting of it) in order to persist the folding state to future sessions.

  • thanks alot it will do for me – Arya Kiran Jun 3 at 17:01

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