To view inactive stamps in my agenda, I press v and [. This displays the inactive stamps for the specific day I am in in the org-agenda. However, if I press B of F to move back or forward one day, the effect of [ is no longer valid and I must press [ again to keep seeing those inactive items. Is it possible to keep inactive items showing in agenda when browsing days? Thanks.

(setq org-agenda-include-inactive-timestamps t)

in your init file (untested).

Its doc string (C-h v org-agenda-include-inactive-timestamps) says:

org-agenda-include-inactive-timestamps is a variable defined in ‘org-agenda.el’.

Its value is nil

Non-nil means include inactive time stamps in agenda. Dynamically scoped.

The fact that it is dynamically scoped and is not customizable indicates that it is meant to be set using v [ interactively in the agenda, but setting its value to t should enable it permanently. Note however that v [ will be a no-op in that case.

  • Thanks for this! However, this does not include archived inactive stamps, right? My archived files are not agenda files because it would take too long to load them. Jun 6 at 18:16

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