Following up on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50668619/autocomplete-in-golang-in-emacs, which is now over 3 years old, but technology has evolved.

I did a lot of reading on what's the latest technology regarding Emacs autocompletion, and found this post almost summarizes it all:

  • gocode was slow; official version didn't support vendored packages etc.
  • To get "lightning-fast development environment", use Emacs27 + "lsp-mode, company-lsp, lsp-ui and flycheck"

But even that one-year-old post is somewhat outdated now, since company-lsp is now unmaintained, and removed from melpa. It is deprecated and no longer works with lsp-mode. Also, the author is unreachable.

Moreover, down in the comment, there is one which says: "I am using gopls and indexing is performed faster than with GoLand".

The problem for me is that all above are just talking, while I don't know elisp except copying from working code.

So, can somebody give me a working setup example that I can borrow please. Even a point to a github repo can do. thx.

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    Just don't install company-lsp. lsp-mode will detect company-mode automatically and will use it if its installed.
    – psanford
    Jun 18 at 19:46

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