I am trying to use popwin to make org-agenda related windows popup windows. My goal is to dismiss agenda windows with C-g when done, leaving the whole window configuration the same way as it was before the agenda windows showed up.

(Dismissing agenda windows with q seems to delete some of the existing windows that they replace.)

I've installed popwin via MELPA and tried to set the related variable in init.el as described in the documentation:

(require 'popwin)
(push '(org-agenda-mode :position bottom) popwin:special-display-config)
(popwin-mode 1)

However, this does not seem to work. Pressing C-g doesn't dismiss the agenda window (which is launched with C-c a t and then t). I've also tried using agenda-mode instead of org-agenda-mode in above without success. Yet, popwin and C-g works on occur-mode, and the customization show up in M-x customize-variable interface.

(This is with Emacs 27.1 installed via PPA under Ubuntu 20.04)

My question is:

How to correctly set up emacs so that existing windows are preserved after closing org agenda windows?


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Quite by chance, I encountered this blog, which has the following setting from org-mode itself that does exactly what I need:

Restore layout after exit from agenda view

(setq org-agenda-restore-windows-after-quit t)

After adding this to init.el, hitting q on transitional org agenda windows no longer deletes the windows that they replace.

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