I have forked general.el to add a few autoloaded keywords of my own, by using the :general keyword use-package functions as a template. However, this bit of code, originally used for :general, is not working (read "not being autoloaded"):

  (defun use-package-handler/:gone (name _keyword args rest state)
    "Use-package handler for :gone."
     (use-package-process-keywords name rest state)
     `(,@(mapcar (lambda (arglist)
                   ;; Note: prefix commands are not valid functions
                   (if (or (functionp (car arglist))
                           (macrop (car arglist)))
                       `(,@arglist :package ',name)
                     `(general-def (:keymaps '(global aiern-insert-state-map aiern-normal-state-map))
                        :package ',name)))
                 (plist-get args :arglists)))))

The part I have changed is the general-def bit, by adding (:keymaps '(global aiern-insert-state-map aiern-normal-state-map)). When demanding the package, it works fine. Am I missing anything here? I've also copied the use-package-autoloads/:general and use-package-handler/:general functions as well, which are exactly the same, and renamed them appropriately.


So, I've found the solution! ... Use the normalizer, handler, and autoloader for :ghook instead...

  (defun use-package-handler/:gone (name _keyword arglists rest state)
    "Use-package handler for :gone"
     (use-package-process-keywords name rest state)
     `(,@(mapcar (lambda (arglist)
                   `(general-def :keymaps '(global aiern-insert-state-map aiern-normal-state-map) ,@arglist))

  (defalias 'use-package-autoloads/:gone #'use-package-autoloads/:ghook)
  (defalias 'use-package-normalize/:gone #'use-package-normalize/:ghook)

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