Inside an Erlang shell one can access the Erlang shell User Switch Command menu (also called Erlang shell JCL Mode) by typing Ctrl-G.

When running the Erlang shell inside Emacs (as an inferior-erlang) typing C-g once or twice or any other number of times does not bring the menu. Inside a comint driven shell, one can type C-c C-c to generate a Ctrl-C for the Erlang shell process. I did not find something similar to generate a Ctrl-G. Is there something?

Environment: Running Erlang 24 on macOS Mojave. Running Emacs 26.3 or 27.2 either graphical app or in termcap mode on a macOS Terminal.

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After further research I found a way: type C-q C-g RET.

That opens the Erlang shell JCL Mode.

The C-q key is bound to (quoted-insert ARG) allowing to pass the Ctrl-G once a RET is typed.

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