I am trying to squash some commits using magit. I tried two different approaches choosing different commit ids to pick and squash. Despite the fact that none of them worked out, the error messages varied. Unfortunately, I cannot understand any of them.

I did a gif to show what happens and I put it on github.

How can I solve this? What should I try? Why is this happening?


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When you squash a commit, it is squashed into the previous non-squashed commit. You're marking the very first commit in the list as a commit to be squashed, so there's no prior non-squashed commit to squash it into. It's a bit like starting a new repository and using git commit --amend before you've made your first commit.

You need:

pick this commit
squash into ^
squash into ^

Note also that Git's rebase listing runs from top-to-bottom chronologically, as opposed to the log which is in reverse-chronological order.

Note that this isn't actually an Emacs/Magit question -- the point of confusion is no different in the standard Git UI.

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